Griffin Avatar for VRChat and Other Use

Zub and Beans
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This Griffin avatar is ready to use in VRchat and comes with 6 color variations. It has been designed with standard tracking, full body tracking, and desktop in mind, so you can look great no matter how you play! Use Phys bones or our puppeteering options to fully pose your ears, wings, and tail for your unique look! We hope you enjoy!


  • Bones - 110
  • Tris - 38,070
  • Rating - Good
  • 1 Maya file
  • 1 FBX
  • 6 Substance Painter files for all color variations
  • 2k and 4k textures for all 6 color variations
  • 1 Unity prefab with 3 Poiyomi shaders set up for quick use (Body, Feathers, Eyes)
  • 7 total Phys Bones in the ears, wings and tail. These are also set up to be controlled and posed through the in game menu.
  • 1 read me file with instructions.


If you would like to make edits to this avatar you can for personal use ONLY, do not resell. You may make edited avatars public.

If you would like to commission someone to make changes to this avatar then both parties must purchase this Griffin.

Feel free to make clothing of this avatar and resale only the clothing or accessories, do not include any original files from the Griffin.

This model may be used for commercial products if you purchase the commercial version. You may not resale the avatar as is but you may use it as a base to heavily modify and resale.

Credit Zub and Beans.

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    3.78 GB
  • Size3.78 GB


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Griffin Avatar for VRChat and Other Use

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